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07 October 2008 @ 02:09 am
If you were a ghost who would you haunt and why?  
Who would want to live with me?

She'd asked that of someone recently after explaining her particular gifts and the supernatural bent to them. Who, indeed? Certainly not a roommate, which is what had been suggested to her, even her own family didn’t relish the idea of living under the same roof as Carol Anne. She didn’t blame them and never had. It was perfectly understandable, really.

Of course there were those who did want to stay with her, at least temporarily. Those that sought her out, were directed to her, drawn to her, needed her. The lost and the confused. Sometimes, just the lingering ones not quite ready to move on. Carol Anne didn’t object to this either. Again, she found it (mostly) reasonable. They were guests, not trespassers and by and large completely harmless and even polite. Company.

It didn’t disturb her to see the rocking chair in the far corner moving as if on its own and unoccupied. She’d look that way and nod. Maybe answer a question or two that not many people would even hear. If the temperature dropped a few degrees as she went into the kitchenette, well she’d put on the kettle and maybe a sweater. She ignored the frequent power surges that temporarily brightened or dimmed the lighting. Radios that turned themselves on and fiddled with stations were fine too, but there had been occasions where she’d have a battle of the wills over volume controls. (Perhaps the dead don’t hear as well as the living.)

Carol Anne had no problem with her belongings being moved about the tiny apartment—well, okay maybe it was a little annoying when she could only find one shoe and not its mate. She was used to the feeling of someone sitting at the foot of her bed while she slept, the sounds of doors opening and closing, drawers being rifled through in the middle of the night. Sometimes it was even nice to see that someone had straightened the throw pillows on her futon or that the plants had been watered.

She really didn’t mind the company, it was nice not to always live alone…even if she was the only one alive in the apartment she called home.
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